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These contractual terms and conditions exclusively form the basis for the legal relationships between Mentorship and beyond foundation and the mentee. Mentee (hereinafter referred to as Member) are those youths within the bracket of 18 years and 26 years who voluntarily agree to join the organization in a bid to self-develop themselves in the various programs run under M&B. The members join with full knowledge that this is a faith based mentorship program that is premised and entrenched on the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.


M&B    –           Refers to Mentorship and Beyond

Patronage –     Refers to the founders of Mentorship and Beyond and they are the custodian of the organization and its activities

Punctuality-     Refers to the set time for all meetings (physical and online)

Member –       Refers to the duly registered person of the M&B group by virtue of filling a form, payment of the registration fee and fingerprint for electronic entry of your membership details.

De-registration- Refers to the removal of a member from the membership of M&B


Membership is on approval by the Patronage. Online application and manual must go through approval by the patronage. By becoming a member of Mentorship and Beyond you agree to the following;


    1. That you are 18 years and above and that you are fully responsible of yourself
    2. That you have voluntarily agreed to join and abide with the group’s vision and mission
    3. That you will at all times abide and maintain the rules and regulations as set by the foundation
    4. That you will apply your good judgment during all the undertakings of M&B


    1. All scheduled meetings for your program are a MUST attend.
    2. Every registered Member of M&B MUST always be punctual in any session.
    3. Late arrival has consequences which include being expelled from the program.
    4. Absence for 2 meetings will disqualify you from being a member in any season registered for.
    5. Any cases of violence or gross indiscipline shall be dealt  in accordance with the laws of Kenya
    6. Any sexual harassment or assault when a member is in M&B shall not be tolerated
    7. All members are encouraged to participate actively during the sessions
    8. Attendance is monitored electronically and manually on the case of physical meeting.
    9. On Life skills every member is expected to attend events organized within the season. Failure to attend does not give you certificate of completion.
    10. That you give express permission to the foundation to the use of your image taken in the course of your engagement for its online marketing and digital publications.


    1. The patronage has right to de-register a member from M&B once they assess and feel that the member is in violation of set rules.
    2. Total or partial ban will be enforced should the patronage find it necessary on an errant member
    3. A member is also free to de-register due to circumstances that may make him/her unable to attend the season underway. The member will be free to join during the next season.



In case of a dispute the patronage has provided a feedback channel through their personal mobile numbers or through the counsellors’ panelists. Should a dispute go beyond the jurisdiction of the group then local laws will apply.



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