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Mentorship And Beyond

Founded in 2016, Mentorship and Beyond (M&B) Foundation is a Christ centred not-for- profit organization that is committed to eradication of poverty across Africa through a self-sustaining spider-web economy.

We are a team of Mentors and coaches who are passionate in molding the next marketplace champions by equipping the youths with practical skills of entrepreneurship and coupled with sound biblical principles of the creative gene. This results in creation of ventures that have capacity to employ vast number of youths in the market place.

The greatest asset of a youth is TIME and ENERGY. These two resources characterizes the strength of youth. During their 3rd decade of life (20-30yrs), they get to define much of their life and this phase also becomes the bases of their foundation for life. It’s in this phase that college life is completed, careers are defined, job placements happen, love and marriage among others. Helping the Youths know how to invest these 2 resources is critical.


Producing virtuous Entrepreneurs


Equipping the youths with Entrepreneurial knowledge, transforming them to Job creators and marketplace champions


  • Eunice Wachira,

    My name in Eunice Wachira, a member of the mentorship and beyond family. I participated in the season 1 entrepreneurial challenge conducted by the MnB program and I was one of the Young Millionaires' presenters. So far, being part of the MnB has been a great experience for me and it has been a learning experience for me since I have met and interacted with a number of people, both directly and indirectly. These interactions have been a platform for me to grow and also change my mindset regarding various aspects of life. The MnB patrons have not only been mentors, but also friends, who have been holding our hands whole heartedly and offering us priceless advice on how to grow to be honorable members of the society. Being young and having such role models has been so humbling for me and I can term it as a blessing from God. I am thankful for the MnB program and eager to experience the wonderful things yet to come. May the Almighty God bless MnB and keep us together as a family.


    The journey for the M & B has been a roller coaster of diverse knowledge about life skills. The experience exposed an individual to dare to think differently, in an abstract fashion. To this point I am really thankful to 3 entities that made the season an eye opener: First the Almighty God for this tremendous opportunity. Second the patronage of M& B leadership by Mr. Morris and Mr. Timothy and finally the mentees whom we walked together with and made the journey enjoyable.   The verse that remained really profound in this season was from Ecclesiastes 9:11 “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise nor yet favour to men of skill but time and chance happens to them all.” My two biggest mantras to take home, and were encouraging from M & B season 1:

    1. “Remain in the circle to be relevant ".by pastor Makori.
    2. To be successful in life, 3 things are key: Persistence, Persistence and more Persistence

  • Kajonti Murungi Kirima,

    It has truly been an exciting experience thus far. Our take home from the M&B is the culture they have planted in each one of us, the eye opener to a whole world of possibility especially in the world of business and entrepreneurship. The culture that when our businesses succeed, we are to nurture and bring up other young people to where we are if not higher. And by that, the culture of empowering our youth will be in place and it will be there to stay. Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude and how far M&B has helped us come. May God bless the M&B Programme(s) above and beyond its(their) wildest dreams. Thank you M&B.

  • Ruth Wanjiru,

    My name is Ruth Wanjiru, a practicing Nurse. Mentorship and beyond program was exemplary a very educative program. It coached me worth of so many values to include obedience, self-confidence, importance of teamwork and punctuality and most importantly trusting and relying in God even more. There is no doubt that season two will be more awesome and interesting, a place not to miss. I thank God for everyone who played part in season one and most importantly the organizers and pioneers of the whole program. May you all be blessed

  • Bethuel Kiragu,

    My Name is Bethuel Kiragu, a finalist at JKUAT pursuing BSc. Actuarial Science. I got to know about M&B from my peers at church. I was privileged to attend their meetings and got to participate on the entrepreneurial challenge. Well over that time i have learnt a number of key points that has and will continually shape my life. First is the need for Teamwork in one’s life. No one lives in isolation. For any accomplishment one must belong to a crowd that is moving towards the said accomplishment. But in getting the team members one must be selective since they will dictate how far you can go. Lastly, I also learnt that persistence breaks through the hardest of barriers, never take defeat as an option.

  • Hilda Makena Mugambi,

    Before M&B I did not think that I could stand before people and speak! M&B has definitely brought out the best in me. My interpersonal skills are better, I have had the chance to learn about starting a business; the do's and don’ts and the importance of teamwork. What I have learnt will stay with me for a long time.

  • Kevin Maloha,

    My take away from the MnB is that I have enormously grown from just an idea-holder to someone who can implement it. I have been mentored to face tough expectations and no matter what challenges come up, I have to press on because there's nothing impossible in God's eyes. Thank you so much MnB, you've been a blessing to my life. God bless you

  • Obwoge Magara,

    M&B for me has been a tremendous learning experience. I never at any moment thought I'd find a mentor in my field of study, but I did, and to my surprise, a mentor who's young at heart, and cherishes God. I am aggressively learning daily from the great minds that M&B has brought to my disposal. I'll always be grateful to God, and to the patrons for this great initiative  

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